Instructions for arrival

The test point is located in front of the terminal, on the right side of main entrance.

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Kittilä Airport

Kittilä Airport
Kittilu00e4n lentoasema, Levintie, Kittilu00e4, Suomi

Arriving at the testing location

You can reach our testing locations by car or on foot. Please note that some of our testing points are walk-in only. At certain times, there might be some queues at the testing locations and you might have to wait for your turn for a short while.

Book and pay online

It is possible to come directly to a testing location, but we recommend you to book a time and pay online in advance. This helps us avoid unnecessary crowding at testing locations.

By car

If you are arriving at our drive-in testing locations by car, please follow signs with a car symbol and the text KORONATESTAUS. Please remain in your car at all times. We recommend you to keep safety distances and follow the instructions you receive at the testing site. It is not necessary for you to leave your car during testing.

On foot

If you are walking to a testing location, please follow signs with a pedestrian symbol and the text KORONATESTAUS. Please use a face mask and remember safety distances. We recommend you to follow the instructions you receive at the testing site.

How and when will I get the test results?

PCR tests are estimated to be ready within 12-24 hours and rapid tests (antigen test) within 30 minutes. In northern Finland PCR test results may take up to 48 hours. Times may vary based on location, time of day and week, and logistics. Until you have received your test results, you must remain in quarantine-like conditions at home.

A positive antigen test must be confirmed by a PCR test. Registration for a separately paid PCR confirmation test is done by purchasing the test through the online form.

Corona testing sites


Narinkkatori, Narinkka, Helsinki, Finland


Hakaniemen torikatu 1, 00530 Helsinki, Suomi


Hartwall Arena
Veturitie 13, Helsinki, Suomi


Sokeritori, Sokeritori, Helsinki, Suomi


Härkävaljakontie 31, Helsinki, Suomi

Helsinki Airport Walk-In

Outside between T1 and P3
Lentoasemantie 5, 01530 Vantaa, Suomi

Helsinki Airport Drive-In

Aviapolis Drive-In
Veromies, 01530 Vantaa, Suomi


Martinlaakso skatepark
Laajakorvenkuja 1, Vantaa, Finland


Sotunki sports field
Luotikuja 1, Vantaa, Suomi


Ball field
Koivukylu00e4nvu00e4ylu00e4 32, Vantaa, Suomi


Ulappakatu 2, Espoo, Finland


Tapiola Center
Tapionaukio 3, Espoo, Suomi


Hirvensalo Ski Resort
Hirvensalon Hiihtokeskus, Kakskerrantie, Turku, Suomi


Mylly Shopping Center
Myllynkatu 1, Raisio, Suomi

Tampere Lempääläntie

Duck's Burger yard area
Lempu00e4u00e4lu00e4ntie 15, Tampere, Suomi

Tampere Teiskontie

Opposite Neste Teiskontie
Teiskontie 61, 33560 Tampere, Suomi

Ivalo Airport

Ivalo Airport
Ivalon lentoasema, Lentokentu00e4ntie, Inari, Suomi

Kuusamo Airport

Kuusamo Airport
Kuusamon lentoasema (KAO), Lentokentu00e4ntie, Kuusamo, Suomi

Kittilä Airport

Kittilä Airport
Kittilu00e4n lentoasema, Levintie, Kittilu00e4, Suomi

Oulu Airport

Oulu Airport
Oulun lentoasema (OUL), Lentokentu00e4ntie, Oulu, Suomi

Rovaniemi Airport

Rovaniemi Airport
Rovaniemi Airport (RVN), Rovaniemi, Suomi