How do I get tested?

You can come directly to the testing location even without a referral from a doctor. However, a referral is always needed for a test, so you will be provided with one on site. Register no later than an hour before you arrive for the test so that your referral can be completed on time.

We recommend you register and pay online in advance to avoid our testing location getting unnecessarily crowded.

It is possible to pay for the test by card at the location, but we recommend paying in advence. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Mobilepay as well as all Finnish internet bank payments.

How long does it take for the test results?

The results of a rapid test (antigen test) will be ready in 30 minutes.

For PCR test the results are estimated to be ready in approximately 12-24 hours, and we will provide you with the results as soon as possible.

How do I get the test results and corona certificate?

We will provide your test results by sending you an SMS message. A certificate download link is sent to your email within approximately 30 minutes after your test result message. Remember to check your spam folders also. If your result is positive, we will also notify the relevant healthcare authorities which will prompt a healthcare professional to contact you by phone for further instructions.

A positive antigen test must be confirmed by a PCR test. Registration for a separately paid PCR confirmation test is done by purchasing the test through the online form.

How is the test done?

Both the PCR test and the rapid antigen test are done by inserting a bendy test instrument through the patient’s nose into the throat.

Traveling and corona certificate

Please note that the tests and certificates required for traveling vary depending on the country and airline. We recommend you to check requirements before your journey from your airline and officials of the destination country.

Please also check out Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL’s current recommendations for travelling from and to Finland.

Fit to fly certificate

A certificate of a negative covid-19 test result is not a Fit to fly certificate.

Fit to fly certificate is a statement issued by a doctor regarding whether it is appropriate for you to travel by plane. Remember to check what certificates are required by your airline in advance.

9Lives does not offer Fit to fly certificates. If you need one, you need to book a doctors appointment after receiving a negative coronavirus test result.

Instructions for arrival

Drive along the airport road towards Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and you will find our testing point in the parking area on the right.

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