Price with Kela reimbursement


159 €

59 €

Referral (referral is compulsory, but you can get it at the testing location)

20 €

20 €

Service fee

15 €

15 €


194 €

94 €

Kela reimbursement

Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) will reimburse a part of the price, if a test is needed because you have symptoms of a coronavirus infection or have been exposed to possible contact. However, you cannot get a Kela reimbursement for a doctor-approved travel certificate or other such documents.

Kela taxi

If you are tested because you have symptoms of a coronavirus infection or because you have been exposed to contact, you are entitled to a Kela-reimbursed taxi ride to the testing location.

PCR test

59 € (after Kela reimbursement)

Without Kela compensation 159 

The test sample will be taken from the throat through the nose. Results estimated in 12 hours.

Added to the price

Service charge
15 €
20 €

Mint ribbon

10 €

Support the resilience of the nursing staff! Mint ribbon tells the support staff about the support. We also want to…


(*) In all tests, we aim for a maximum completion time of 12 hours. Please note, however, that from time to time our test points may be congested and the completion of the test may be delayed.

If you need a certificate for the corona test, the price is 20 €. A certificate will be emailed to you upon completion of the test result.