Scope of application

These General Terms of Service apply to coronavirus sampling services provided by 9Lives (the “Service Provider”).

Formation of the agreement

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the contract is created when the customer orders sampling and receives an order confirmation from the Service Provider. The customer’s personal data is stored in the Service Provider’s register.

Payment term

The customer pays for the service either in connection with the appointment as an online payment or in connection with the service event or after the event against an invoice. The invoice payment period is 14 days. If payment is delayed, the customer is obliged to pay interest on arrears in accordance with the Interest Act, as well as reminder and collection costs.

Non-paying customers

In the case of a service that is part of occupational health care or the customer does not pay for the service on other grounds, the customer must ensure the payment arrangement when booking. If the party notified by the customer is not obliged to pay for the service, the customer is responsible for the payment.

Tests used for sampling

Both PCR and antigen tests are used for sampling, in which the sample is taken from the nasopharynx with a flexible fluff stick through the nostril. The sensitivity and accuracy of the tests are not perfect.

Symptom survey

The customer fills in the symptom survey in connection with the sampling order. The symptom survey only assesses the need for coronavirus sampling and does not comment on the need for medical care.

Kela compensation

Receiving Kela compensation requires a doctor’s referral. You will receive the referral through the Service Provider after completing the symptom survey.

If the customer is entitled to Kela compensation, only the part remaining to be paid after deduction of Kela compensation will be invoiced to the customer. If it later turns out that the customer is not entitled to Kela compensation, the customer will also be charged a portion of the compensation.

Quality of service

The quality of service and treatment errors are defined according to the Patient Injury Act. The information provided on the website and in other communications is for reference only and does not form part of the agreement.

The result of the PCR test is completed within an average of 12-24 hours after sampling. In Northern Finland the results may take over 48 hours. We will provide your result by sending you an SMS message. Some samples may require reprocessing or be delayed for other reasons beyond Service Provider. Service Provider does not commit to a 12-24 hour response time for each sample. Service Provider is not responsible for delays in the delivery of results or certificates if they are due to incorrect personal or contact information provided by the customer.

Some e-mail systems or phone operators may block machine-sent messages that contain a certificate link. Service Provider is not responsible for the delivery of messages to the end user if it depends on the settings of the receiving system or if the customer’s device settings prevent the download link from being opened or the verification code from being processed normally.


Patient injuries are treated and compensated in accordance with the Patient Injuries Act. In other respects, the Service Provider’s liability is limited to the price paid for the service. Indirect damages will not be compensated.

Force majeure

The Service Provider shall not be liable for delays or other breaches of obligations caused by a reason beyond the Service Provider’s control. A cause independent of the Service Provider is a strike or other industrial action, illness of the receiving professional, interruption in the distribution of electricity, communication or operation of information systems, fire, a public law measure or any other reason that the Service Provider could not reasonably have foreseen or foreseen.