Among lowest prices on the market

Company clients with a framework agreement with 9Lives receive affordable price for coronavirus testing. We are able to offer company clients considerable quantity discounts even from our already competitive prices.

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    Back to work quicker

    If your company has a framework agreement with 9Lives, your employees will not have to waste time waiting to be tested and to receive their results: they are able to get tested immediately. A rapid test (antigen test) will provide results within 30 minutes and a regular PCR test within approximately 12-24 hours. In northern Finland PCR test results may take up to 48 hours.

    A framework agreement with 9Lives is a smart addition to a company’s existing occupational healthcare solution. It ensures that the treshold for staff to get tested for COVID-19 is as low as possible. The quicker an employee is able to get tested, the quicker they will be able to get back to work, and the smaller the damage to your company and your customers will be.

    Medical certificate A

    9Lives also provides certificates for applying infectious disease allowance from Kela. When taking a corona test at 9Lives, it is possible to order a medical certificate A for a possible positive PCR or antigen test result. The certificate A costs 40 euros and will be invoiced afterwards if the test result has been positive. For the time being we offer medical certificate A only for tests done with 9lives. Unfortunately, at the moment we are unable to provide the medical certificate A for tests that have been made elsewhere. Read more here

    NOTE! Due to the expiration of the temporary legislation, 9Lives can no longer issue A-certificates after January 1, 2023.

    Low threshold testing, speedy results

    Our testing locations are easily reached and they are accessible by car or on foot. You can see the locations of our testing sites here.

    Our tests provide results quickly. A rapid test is ready in 30 minutes and an official PCR test in 12-24 hours (on average). The rapid test is sufficient for most everyday needs in ”the new normal”.

    Reason for test

    PCR test

    Rapid test

    I want to know if I can go to work


    I need to be released from quarantine


    I have been exposed


    I have symptoms


    I need a document for my child’s daycare / school


    Just to be sure



    You can get more information about framework agreements for company clients through email at or by calling Director of Business Tomi Enäjärvi, +358 50 3426 156.